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The Universe is a story within a story

I don’t remember when I started to have an obsession for this particular concept/structure, all I know is that it has been reappearing consistently in all the things that attract my attention. What is even more confusing is that this structure, has so many different names and manifests itself in the world in so many ways that it is difficult to pinpoint it exactly: it is like a shapeshifter, and every time I discover it somewhere else unexpectedly, I am delighted and confused. Let me list some of the most common names that it goes by:

I would like to argue that there’s something very intrinsically intuitive about this concept and I am drawn to it because, through its consistent reappearance in seemingly unrelated subjects and environments, it weaves a connecting thread through them, nonetheless. Above all, it is through self-replication and the bodies of pregnant women, who create another body inside of themselves, that we all come into existence. So, if it weren’t for this odd pattern of duplication and separation I couldn’t even sit here and write this post.

Nested structures surround us everywhere, even or especially in the digital environment.

(To see what I mean click here.)

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