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Graphic design for creatives, designs that elevate your art

I strive to collaborate with artists, poets & publications to develop designs that enhance the representation of your work online and in print.

Selected works contain a wide range of graphic media such as magazines, web design and branding.

Web Deisgn artist portfolio-1.png

YEAR                   2021

WEBSITE             WIX

Artist portfolio for the Berlin based artist Kerstin Serz. Her works are thematically surreal and rich in texture and colours, as a result the design is extremely minimalistic to support her work. The web design intends to tell a narrative, rather than portray just a grid portfolio. Curation is equally needed for artworks, whether in a physical or digital space.


FLeet Cover and back.png
Fleet Inside.png
WHITEWIX Inoumena 2.png

YEAR                   2022

PRINT                  64 PAGES

Fleet, a new creative writing journal organised by the Glasgow University Union, aimed to break boundaries and encourage the publishing of young poets and writers in Glasgow. The design is steadfast, yet playful.


Boundaries 2.png
Boundaries inside 2.png
WHITEWIX Inoumena 2.png

YEAR                   2021

DIGITAL               74 PAGES

Where does one body end and the other begin? The cover for ‘Boundaries’ attempts to merge the various meanings of the word by balancing the dialectic relationship between physical/ mental; natural/artificial and external/ internal boundaries. 


Oldenburg no background.png
WIX Inoumena Titles.png

YEAR                   2022

PRINT                 A2/A3/A6 

Poster and flyers for the exhibition Oldenburg meets Berlin (2022), in RAZ (Raum auf Zeit) Oldenburg. 



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