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"I have seen the universe! It is made of poems!"
– Sjon, The Blue Fox

Lucille Mona Ling is a poet and visual artist from Berlin, currently studying at the University of Glasgow. Her poetry has been published in The Dark Horse, Gutter, Horizon Magazine, and Middleground Magazine. As part of St. Mungo Mirrorball’s Verse Apprenticeship Scheme Clydebuilt 14 (2021) she is mentored by J.L. Williams. Her poem Historic Recurrence has been included in the Scottish Poetry Library Anthology of Best Scottish Poems of 2021.

Since 2023 she is the founder and poetry editor at Contralytic an interdisciplinary philosophy journal. Find out more on



'Gradient World' forthcoming in Horizon Magazine 2023

'Coping Mechanism I.' in Gutter Magazine, 2022

'Oneiromancy / Letter to Zhuang Zi' in Gutter Magazine, 2022

'Coping Mechanism II.' in From Glasgow To Saturn, 2022

'Historic Recurrence' in Best Scottish Poems 2021

'Doves and other Distances' in Fleet, 2022

'Zoetrope' in Fleet, 2022

'Waiting' in Middleground Magazine, 2021

'Ancestry' in Middleground Magazine, 2021

'Historic Recurrence' in The Dark Horse, 2021

'(Un)titled' in The Dark Horse, 2021

'Ephemorality' in The Dark Horse, 2021

'The Opposite of Madness' in Suturo, 2021




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